We are sharing here a couple of infographics series. Santosh has created these for G&G Magazine (India Today Group Magazine). These infographics have been created in How Things Work segment. He used to pick any of the interesting topics/subject/technology to explain the technology. We are delighted to share some of his great infographics work. Hope you like it :)


Solar System Infographic

A. How things work-FEB 2011


How Dish-washer works – Infographic

C. How things work-May 2011


How Projector works – Infographic

D. How things work-June 2011


How Blue-Ray Disc works – Infographic

F. How things work-September 2011


How Paper Scanner works – Infographic

H. How things work-November


How Kitchen Blender works – Infographic

Kitchen Blender1


How GPS works – Infographic

L. How things work-February s2012


How LED TV works – Infographic



How Water Heater works – Infographic

water heater


How Office Printer works – Infographic



If you need similar infographics, please contact us at info@visualbest.co





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