Coffee table book design services

The design and layout of a book significantly impact its readability, look and feel, imagery, sequencing of the information, and defines how engaging it is for the readers. For instance, a neatly and innovatively prepared book cover design can prompt a reader to look what’s inside. This is where professional book design services gain importance.

If you are looking to get that professional touch to your book layout design, or if you are dealing with multiple releases under strict deadlines and looking to outsource, then VisualBest design service is the perfect solution for you.

Why VisualBest is the best resource for creating layout designs

We understand that depending on the genre, every book tends to naturally follow a specific book page layout which makes it more appealing to its readers. That is why we offer specialized layout services for different genres of books including:

  • Children’s books
  • Portfolios
  • Comics
  • Story books
  • Coffee table book
  • Novels
  • Magazines
  • Biographies
  • Photo magazines
  • Year book
  • Cook books
  • Custom layouts
  • Book covers design
  • Scrap Book layout
  • Art Book layout
  • Guest Book layout
  • Poetry Book layout

VisualBest has been a partner of choice for global publishing houses as well as independent authors when it comes to professional book design services. Some of the factors which set us apart from other Indian outsourcing companies are –

  • Expert team
  • Our team of experts has minimum of 4 years of experience in layout design and DTP and is an eclectic combination of designers, illustrators, artists, DTP experts, and editors who excel in all digital and print media works
  • Quality of service
  • We follow standard work procedures and ISO quality adherence in all our book layout services, ensuring 100% work accuracy while meeting the specific objectives of our clients
  • Cost effective service
  • With a combination of standard and customizable workflows, design templates, speed of execution, and skilled resources, we can deliver effective book typesetting services at low costs, and also process bulk and standalone works with ease
  • Low turnaround times
  • We understand that a key priority for any client outsourcing book layout jobs is meeting strict deadlines. VisualBest is proud to mention this as a key service feature as we strive not only to meet the deadlines, but to exceed our client’s expectations





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